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a passionate repentance

Unidentified Remains

Unidentified Remains

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may God stand
I'm wandering around www.doenetwork.org. A collection of information about missing people and unidentified remains. All I can think of is..how can anyone really identify someone they love? I wouldn't make the connection, yet there are a couple of pictures I look at and I remember people I haven't thought of in years. The guy at Valencia who swore on a stack of bibles that he was a CIA spy. And that he knew how to kill people with ninja techniques. Hey, I was eighteen and sweet and dumb as a box of rocks. I just nodded a lot and let the rocks roll from side to side in my head. But now I have to wonder if this guy made it okay, if he's out there somewhere in a house in Ponce Inlet with too many beer cans, and daytime tv. Or if he pissed someone off and he's out there somewhere in the Everglades.
Hah. Cheerful thought.

Another thought about the Everglades, mind you. Now there are so many Burmese pythons and other exotic abandoned pets that people are seeing them in groups. I know they had a problem a while back with escaped Nile monitors in and around Venice getting into people's pools and swimming around, or eating the family poodle, before heading off to find toothpicks. Heh. I'm almost on the monitor's side, except that a.) I've been around a Savannah long enough to know those things can inflict a hell of a bite. Their mouths are dirty enough that bacterial infection at the wound site is almost guaranteed. They have talons for climbing that can also inflict some nasty scratches. b.) Niles get *big*. Maybe not broad but long and strong and *fast*. And if you *do* manage to catch one, they can crap on you or barf--lovely, yes? c.) Niles have vile tempers. Of course if I was being chased around a tacky backyard swimming pool by guys in bermuda shorts with bad legs, or strapped up and slung in the back of someone's truck, heck I'd be pissy too. I might even vomit on the guy too, if I got the chance.

The capybaras freak me. Hog sized rats? Hello? Does *anyone* see anything wrong with this? We had our own visitor to the house (I suspect it was a raccoon or a possum (ugh)) who got stuck in the soffit and scrabbled around for a while. He made some really wierd *clicking* sounds too. Not sqeaks and squeals like a rat, and not yowls like a cat. More like that tongue-behind-the-teeth thing people do when they say 'tisk' or they want to make a horse giddy-up. It interested and scared the cats. And it gave my husband something to do, but it was kind of wierd and, well...ugh. Anyway..capybaras. Who would keep these? They're um..they're severely aesthetically challenged. Yeah. Like butt-ugly. Yep. All I can think of is..damn..for a quarter of the price of a rat the size of a hog, you could buy a whole BUNCH of kittens and puppies and save lives in the animal shelter. Nobody thinks of this stuff, you know.

One of the other possibles in the attic was a squirrel. To which I say "Oh, God." Because all I can think of is a set of those teeth chewing away at wood or insulation or wiring or whatever. It doesn't matter, he/she is gone now, and there's no stinkiness. Hopefully whatever it was died down on the ground where he belonged and ascended to critter Valhalla all by himself.

I wonder what will happen when the rest of the world wakes up and realizes that it doesn't matter who's in charge in Washington?
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