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a passionate repentance

"Let us toil, carrying each other`s burdens, as Christ carried our…

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may God stand
"Let us toil, carrying each other`s burdens, as Christ carried our diseases in His body without flinching. If Christ is our master, then let us imitate Him and bear His injuries, lest in the age to come we be separated from our brothers who suffered afflictions. Such was also the fate of others because they wanted to give themselves not to virtues but rather to vices."

St. Pachomius the Great.

I went to the doctor today.
He was just a KID.
I felt like I was undressing for Opie, from the Andy Griffith Show.

I mean he was cute and everything and sweet, but..
Damn. I was old enough to be his *mom*.

Anyway..I had a physical, and I had some blood drawn for bloodwork. He even examined my breasts, which I found excruciatingly embarassing. I mean, he's this sweet-faced kid. I was really..I dunno..just let it be *over* soon.

I have to have a diagnostic mammogram tomorrow with ultrasound. My sister is being a twerp about it all though she made us all laugh during the exam, by pretending to turn on the oxygen, and making jokes.

I do have to say that I've paid more for a physical and had a lot less done. And certainly the cholesterol-test blood draws done by Dr. Sanborn hurt a hell of a lot more.

The doctor's looking into the possibility of a pelvic for me, somewhere that I don't have to get up on the table.

Well...I dunno. Seems pretty good. I guess nodules aren't that bad. Apparently those of us who are top heavy are prone. We shall see.

Thank you God, for getting me through today. I was really glad to be home.
  • I've noted that phenomenon, too. I think they're grabbing kids out of grade school now and handing them stethoscopes. I hope the mammogram goes well.
  • I've noticed the same. Even in the military (or especially?) and there's little worse than having to lay there and let them do the exam while biting your tongue on offering advice.... O.o.

    LET me know how it goes, you know which bat-channel and what bat-time. ;)

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