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a passionate repentance

This is a rant. You have been warned.

This is a rant. You have been warned.

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may God stand

I know damned well that I started this, by posting the article about the atheist scientist (who is apparently nowhere near as rabid in context) versus various of my brethren, particularly those of the thump-it-till-it-cries school of Bible study.

However, this has been bugging me all damn day.

Atheism OR religion do not make a person good or bad. Neither of them will wash your car or floss your teeth or get you laid. Capisce? They're ideological packages. And nobody *has* to buy the entire package. They don't have to buy the package in the flavor sold near them. I am living proof of that. Being religious or atheistic, tall, fat or whatever will not absolve you of the responsibility for whatever you do.

And bigotry, no matter what form it comes in; boiled,smoked or fried, is equally offensive.

Religion doesn't fight a war. God doesn't sit up one day and say 'Hmm..I think I'll go over there and stir something up. See what happens.' People made the decision to do so. They might have used religion, or the lack of it might be a rationalization, but it's not CONTROLLING YOU. There are other factors. Maybe it's money. Maybe it's hate. Maybe it's because those people over there are butt ugly. But there are always other factors. Otherwise, don't you think we'd be seeing well trained Buddhist shock troops, and squads of Amish sharpshooters, duking it out over matters of faith?

Okay? Please?

I am not claiming I'm responsible. I make as many excuses, all of them crappy. I procrastinate. I hide. I'm not any better than anybody else. I just think that blaming religion for child-abuse when it's the parent doing the abusing is absolving that parent of blame by shifting it to their belief system.

I had to get that off my chest. I'm done now.

Thanks for listening.
  • Excellently well put! I get so tired of people blaming the other guy's god for all that is wrong. Maybe, just maybe we have been making bad choices? Hmm?
  • Well said; beautifully put, in fact.

    Religious intolerance causes a rift between individuals who might otherwise have liked one another well, who might have shared more than just a glance.
    Labelling a person is just one step closer to treating that person as a thing. Label yourself and you become a pawn in a battle between the power-hungry who propagate misunderstanding to their own benefit.

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