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a passionate repentance

Questions I have always wanted to ask God

Questions I have always wanted to ask God

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may God stand
1.)Underarm smell-Why? I mean yes, o Lord, I understand very well how it all comes about. Bacteria, dirt, skin cells, yadda yadda yadda. But why? What purpose does it serve to smell so bad, except maybe to alert that saber toothed superkitty to just where you were hiding?

2.)What's the *real* end to The Mystery of Edwin Drood"?

3.)The Black Sox/Shoeless Joe scandal. Did he do it or didn't he?

4.) Will the Cubs EVER win the World Series?

5.)Will the world really end shortly after that?

6.) Why do men get to wear underwear that has a cat flap in front and women don't? Is this a design flaw?

7.)Why did John Lennon have to die so young? How about Jim Henson?

8.)Why do some grapes have seeds and some don't?

9.)Was Nostradamus on some medieval version of crack or was he a for-real prophet?

10.)If we're not supposed to know the future but put our trust in Him then why do we have prophets anyway?

11.)How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop without biting?

12.)Jello. Why?

13.)Why do some people, who grow up in homes with apparently loving parents and go to good schools and have siblings who are absolutely normal seeming..turn out to be people like Jeffrey Dahlmer?

14.)Why do people park in the handicapped spot?

15.) Okra and Brussells Sprouts. Were they Your idea or the other side's?

16.) Ditto for underwire bras.

17.) Where have all the MEN gone?

18.) If marriage is an institution that allows a man to choose a genetically advantageous partner and ensure that his child is really his child, therefore assuring that his line continueth, why aren't more *men* for it?

19.)What really happens to all the lost socks, pens, pencils, and rolls of sellotape?

20.)Is there really intelligent life on other planets..and are You there too?
  • Shhh, we'we hiding

    17.) Where have all the MEN gone?


    Well, and Kansas.

  • 1-20. A: 42
  • Hey, I LIKE brussel sprouts! You just need to know how to cook'em
  • Underarm smell can be a sexual attractant, believe it or not. Pheromone production is greatest in those areas with body hair (where the apocrine glands are). And saber-toothed tigers' sense of smell was probably so good that they'd smell your palms sweating in any case. :)

    People park in the handcapped spot because they are Minions of Outer Darkness. Really.
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