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a passionate repentance

So, my FIL's hurricane stuff is up-yay. On the other hand, I missed…

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may God stand
So, my FIL's hurricane stuff is up-yay.

On the other hand, I missed meeting StroppyProf and Andsaca and feel like a right coward for it too. Never mind I wouldn't have had a way up. Mike was busy with hurricane stuff from the time he got up.

I didn't know I wasn't going to go. I had presents for all, including a belated birthday gift. Because I didn't want to mail it.

Turns out that they didn't go either.

Someone I care for is suddenly busy all the time when I want to talk to her, and someone else thinks I'm spineless.


/rant. I'm not naming names. I don't want to continue it. It's just been a completely sucky day.
  • and someone else thinks I'm spineless.


    You were in the cabal that promised to take me out for my 16th birthday and never showed? Damn.
    • (Anonymous)
      Nope..not guilty. But I have several b-day presents for you, and I was going to deliver them. I didn't know you couldn't come until I im'ed you.
  • ::hug::
  • ~hugs~ I'm sorry you couldn't go - you must have been really disappointed.

    Keep safe, or I shall strop mightily and I'd much rather feed you chocolate cake.
  • ~hugs~
    Just ~hugs~.
    I'm usually around, just invisible.
  • My dear girl, if there's someone you want torturing into a bloody pulp, skinning and their head mounting on your wall - for hanging your umbrella up, perhaps? - do say the word.

    I'm always eager to help out with that kind of thing. Positively frothing at the mouth really, though we usually leave that kind of thing to the Dark Lord.

    The spittle is a bugger to get out of the robes. Good job we have house elves.

    And that Severus chappy is a bit dull really. Nowhere near as interesting - or as blond - as me. ~flicky hair~

    It's a shame that you couldn't get to meet up with them, but I'm sure they understand the difficulties.
  • ::hugging warmly::
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