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a passionate repentance

In Defense Of Six In General

In Defense Of Six In General

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may God stand
This post was written in response to the post put up here; http://www.livejournal.com/users/m_m_1920/10940.html.

Forgive me for breathing fire on my own flist, but the friends-only lock on the relevant post left me with no other way to reply.

Amazing. And unbelieveable. How can an author write her own bloody characters as OOC?

Has it occurred to any of you that Dumbledore did explain how his hand was injured? He injured it while destroying a Horcrux of Voldemort's.

What right do you have to demand of an author that they write a book to your specifications? And sending your dust jackets back is simply ludicrous. I'm sorry that you felt cheated by the book. I'm sorry that you didn't enjoy it. There are other books out to read. Perhaps you ought to be reading them instead.

Ms. Rowling writes to complete the story she has in mind. Whether that be with bloodhounds and searchlights for Ollivander or not. The books are not perfect, nor is she. She is however, well within her rights to look at a progression of complaints and dust jackets and--giggle.

Am I a supporter of Ms. Rowling? Yes. It's hard work to write a book. It must be tremendously hard to do so while enduring the scrutiny of the entire world. If you think that you can do a better job, I suggest that you do it. Don't pester someone with dustjackets and wankery.
  • Yes, I remember reading that and thinking that it was the most juvenile and ridiculous thing I'd ever heard of. Rowling doesn't deserve to have to deal with stupidity like this. Hopefully, her sense of the absurd will allow her to put it where it belongs...
    • I hope so. I am appalled that there are others who are actually joining in on this idiocy. Maybe fate will intervene and all the packages will be lost somewhere over Surinam.
  • Hear bloody hear.

    Also Rowling's woman -
    • I read your post after. And I agree with it wholeheartedly. Bloody hell, if she cracked down on fanfic, they'd be up the creek without the proverbial paddle, wouldn't they? I think she's been pretty gracious, all things considered, about fanfic, even fanfic she does not like.
  • That's what happens when you mistake a book with a religion.
    • I think you have 'religion' and 'obsession' confused there. Religion has it's share of tin-hatters, but I thought there was some sort of effort to involve the conscience, as well as the intellect.
  • Aren't they astonishing? I can't understand how they can type coherent sentences with thought processes like that
    • I think it has something to do with a quantity of monkeys, typewriters, and an infinite amount of time. Although I don't know, the last I heard when someone actually TRIED that experiment, the monkeys seemed to like the letters t and s and very little else.
  • I laughed out loud, reading the post to which you're responding here. They're more than welcome to waste their postage sending in their dust jackets (and, coincidentally, keeping for themselves the books they're so rabidly declaiming, just in case they decide to read it again. You know, to make sure they hated it as much as they say). From reading JoRo's interviews, I think she will simply look at the letters incredulously, shake her head, laugh a bit and go on writing the story she's been dreaming up and working on for fifteen years now- probably longer than some of those little twits have been alive.
  • I couldn't resist adding my own $0.02.
  • Amen, Jade, amen.

    I haven't read HBP yet, but the husband has. He says the story made him sad (and I made him tell me all the spoilers anyway). He says in spite of all the bad things that happened, he enjoyed it. I have a feeling I will, too.

    It is silly that all these fans are upset because the book didn't go the way *they* wanted it to. Like you said, it's the story Rowling has in mind, and it's *HER* right to see it through the way she sees fit.

    However: the fans have the right to be upset and express it, so long as nobody gets hurt. I just hope they realize how silly and disrespectful they appear.

    Still a Rowling woman as well, married to a Rowling man!
  • I remember an episode of the Simpsons where little Lisa got to meet JK Rowling in London. She asked: "What's going to happen in the end to Harry Potter?" and with a world-weary sigh, the author replied: "He's going to grow up and marry YOU. Is that what you wanted to hear?"
  • Thank you for saying this because it so very much needed to be said. It's a real shame the poster you linked didn't have the guts to open their post for general commentary, although it would have devolved to a flame fest in short order.

    The books aren't perfect; Ms. Rowling has a wonderful, vivid imagination and suffers from too timid editors, IMHO but the tripe I read in that post was beyond believing; immature and thoughtless. It makes me want to write a letter of my own in counterpoint.
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