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a passionate repentance

I am honestly ashamed to be an American today. People come and ask…

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may God stand
I am honestly ashamed to be an American today.

People come and ask me online if I am American and if I've heard Fox News or this theory or that and I just cringe.

Now someone I thought once was reasonably intelligent quoted the news story that the London bombers were British. She added ".. Everyone in any leadership position in any Mosque knows that these people are involved in their religious communities, they know what they are planning, they would have to be idiots not to.." Paraphrased, by the way.

Oh. My. God.

Like people 'knew' that Dennis Rader was the BTK killer? Maybe there was a conspiracy of silence in the Boy Scout Troup he led? How could the people who studied with Ted Bundy in college NOT know?

I'm really afraid that a giant wave is going to wash the Stupid out of America.

But there won't be anyone left.
  • I know you're not all stupid.
    I know you aren't, for one. And there are others who are like you - intelligent, thoughtful, people who possess common sense and the ability to keep an open mind, and to think for themselves.

    Those who simply do not know can be forgiven. Your country does not educate people to exercise open-mindedness when it comes to such matters.

    My anger is directed towards those who refuse to understand, to listen to another point of view, to think.

    That is stupidity, in my opinion.


    Xenophobia will get us all precisely nowhere, and that cuts both ways. I am sad for the people of America who are governed by fear. I am saddened further because that fear breeds more fear, and this affects us all.

    It is late, and I believe I am not making much sense but I'll post this anyway. ~more hugs~
    • I agree with kaitkaitkait on America's bad education. There is a book out which - I think, I'm not sure - is called "The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America". We have not been taught good reading and writing, or have decent social studies classes that aren't polluted with Marxism or fascism. Other nations are getting ahead of us in engineering and mathematics.

      It is so sad, but we must persevere in changing our country for the better.
  • I find myself echoing the old professor in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe "What are they teaching them in school nowadays?" It certainly isn't logic or comapassion.
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