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a passionate repentance

I have succumbed (to the dark side)

I have succumbed (to the dark side)

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may God stand
And am now a permanent account. Which ought to pay for itself soon if LJ doesn't go belly up.

Yarrgh. I'll be eating lots of oatmeal and tinned veg.

Now all I need's a rename token.

I am chameleon. Hear me meep.
  • So jealous of all y'all with permanent accounts! I can't justify one, and even if I could, I have to buy two accounts--one for me, and one for the husband.

    But glad we've got you around permanent, lady. :)
  • What's a rename token????

    Darn... I really, really want one now.
    But I haven't used this journal in a long time.

    If you rename your journal, does that keep all your old entries?
    Or is that an almost toxically idiotic question?
  • But but I like your handle!

    What would you change it to?
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