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a passionate repentance

Ten Things Meme 1.)Been Mary in a…

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may God stand

Ten Things Meme

1.)Been Mary in a Christmas play, a case of miscasting so gross it surely must have hastened the Apocalypse

2.)Seen white peacocks coming out of the mist, at Woburn Abbey. Fed a baby mockingbird.

3.) Ridden in the Royal Elevator and sat in the Royal Box at Albert Hall. (That sounds so..dirty, somehow.) For Jesus Christ Superstar. I didn't know that Alec Guinness was doing a film just a few blocks away or I'd have skived off from the play to see *that* instead.

4.) Been an experiment.

5.) Drowned a couple of times. Gotten gassed once.

6.) Met Sammy Davis Jr. before he died. And Hugh O'Brien, before *he* died.

7.)Heard the Vienna Boys Choir sing, at Christmas, in Ely Cathedral. At midnight. I don't know why the time makes a difference, but it does.

8.) Discovered the infamous racing spitting manatees of Blue Springs. As opposed to the other kind.

9.)Swam naked in a river in the middle of the night.

8.)Seen the tall ships gliding into Boston Harbor from the air. And wakened one morning early at Jetty Park to see a sloop on the horizon, with all her sails lime green.

9.)Been offered a scholarship to a liberal arts university based on one poem

10.)Learned to throw pots, carded, spun, dyed and woven wool. My mother made me stop collecting pee to use in the indigo though. Pity. It made the prettiest blue-green.
  • Isn't it nice when you realise there's no one to stop you collecting pee any more?

    There aren't many advantages to being an adult, but that's surely got to be one of them. ~g~

    Besides that...that's a really good list. And it's given me some beautiful, humorous imagery. Besides the drowning, gassing, and the being an experiment bit (that last one sounds slightly sinister).

    I like your new icon. Where'd you get it?
  • And the poem was?
  • God knows I love you, for all the wonderful things you've seen and share with us. I do love you.
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