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a passionate repentance

Everyone has things about their jobs that they don't like. I'm…

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may God stand

Everyone has things about their jobs that they don't like. I'm aware of this. My nits to pick are all quite personal. And..

The part of my job I don't care for is..stressful. I make a lot of mistakes. I haven't been at it long. I feel as if I make more mistakes than anyone else.

I have a nickname and I don't care for it. It's company issued, and everyone has one, but I don't care for it.

It gives me the creeps when someone puts my company nick in all caps. I feel shouted at.

I come away from those shifts wanting to cry. And run away from home.

I really really really cannot afford to quit.


  • Oh, yeah, and then to add to your stress, you tell yourself you're being silly in reacting that way to the nickname, so it escalates. You're smart enough to know that everyone makes mistakes at first, and that you're not the Worst One Ever, but that fear of failure thing is vicious. I still fear being put back into 2nd grade, in some situations.
  • ~hugs~ all in low caps, just cause.
  • *tender robed embrace*
  • *hugs* Your work is a very silly place.
  • ::hugging warmly:: I can totally relate to the mistake thing. It can get to the point of making you feel paralyzed to do anything at all. I'd bet dollars to donuts your mistake ratio is quite low - the people who speak to you about a mistake are graceless about dealing with it, most likely. Knowing that doesn't help but I also know you and know how competent you are. As for the shifts.... I wish I had an answer for destressing from those. I remember them well from once upon a time and I never figured out a good way to ramp up to dealing with them or destressing after them. Except for good single malt and being drunk during a shift would have been A Bad Thing. Heh heh. But amusing while it lasted.
  • I bet that if you wanted, you could ask to see a report that shows your ratio of mistakes compared to others. It might make you feel better and serve as objective proof that you are just as superdandy as the rest of the crowd. And if you are still feeling nervous, then ask for another round of training. Ask for it as many times as you need. It's to the company's benefit to train you well.

    But... I don't know what to do about the bad nickname. I suppose, instead of asking for a raise, you could ask to be called something else. If it's a company issued nickname, they probably have a whole bucketfull of stupid things to call you in capital letters.

    The point is, that when you're dealing with things like what people call you and how well you feel you're doing on your job, there is nothing at all silly about the emotions that sneak up on you.

    Just remember that as hard as it can be, your job is just your job. In the real world, you are loved and adored from all angles.
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