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a passionate repentance

Long day. Long. The children were unusually rude. Which is saying…

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may God stand
Long day. Long.

The children were unusually rude. Which is saying something, generally they achieve rudeness optimum and level off. They're easily distractable, the little darlings. Thank God.

I have been wondering for a long time now..where my zest in things has gone. I think it went away, and it took my spare bottle of aspirin with it. I have looked for three days and I still can't find the blessed thing.

On the other hand, I have been bewildered by a deluge of intricate and multilayered dreams. It's almost as if all the things that made me alive, and creative have been funnelled into keeping me entertained while I snooze.


Good news..let me see..

My nose is no longer out of joint. I actually think I've solved the rose absolute problem. And I think that I am coming closer to solving the mystery of the Smaragadine smell. Second round of experimentation, and yes, thank you Jesus, I am keeping records. I found a supplier of patchouli who has given me some lovely, thick, thirty year old stuff, but it's a pain in the arse to try to oxidize to get some sweetness to it.

Bah. Dilution. I need jojoba oil. Or spirits of grape. Either or. I don't like using alcohol, particularly since it limits the medium into which the scent can go, but I suspicion me so does oil. Well..crap.

One thing at a time. I'll get the jojoba. And maybe from now on, buy my absolutes in bloody dilution.
  • Hey, Nikki, go to Raven's Nest Herbals for those oils and absolutes. You can do a Search for those things, and she works with people via email. I've worked with her for years at our Renaissance Festival, and with her in opening a brick and mortar shop this fall.
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