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a passionate repentance

Persian Is Sugar!

Persian Is Sugar!

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may God stand
There is a website. http://members.tripod.com/~shahriar/persian/lesson1.html#Text to be exact that I stumbled upon as I was searching for free online Latin lessons. "Persian Is Sugar" it proclaims gaily in brightly colored Comic Sans font while below a picture of a building that might be a palace and might be a mosque is written "Now in EuroFarsi."

Intrigued? Well, I was. EuroFarsi sounded like an important additive, one guaranteed to get my whites whiter and my brights brighter. And it was a language, which was a lot closer to Latin than I was when I began the search.

I discovered (because I clicked the sky-blue link) that EuroFarsi, far from being something that kept the Persian Is Sugar from becoming soggy in milk, was a movement to Romanize the way Farsi is written, no doubt to help make it more accessible to the West. "All very well" says I, "In such things as these lessons, that will help the illiterate (I) and the well intentioned (me) and the timid (myself) become more fluent in spoken Farsi. However, how will I then learn the written word? The old fashioned way? Perhaps, but how would I then learn which sounds and letters are associated with which symbol?

The good and gentle folks at EuroFarsi were there to soothe my fevered brow. Instead of worrying about what sound went with which letter, why not have software that would in effect do it for me? I blush to confess that yes, I did think about it. Rather a long minute it was, too, because I am essentially a very lazy person and I like the PIS (Persian Is Sugar, damn it! I know what you were thinking!) lessons. The grammar isn't that difficult. It's probably learning to speak fractured and mangled Farsi, but this is my first second language, and so I must not assume that I'll get away with not looking like an idiot any time soon. We noobs must pay our dues, I suppose.

Those of you who speak three or four languages with contemptuous ease may now go away. This was all begun because I was bored and afraid that my brain was dessicating. I didn't want to end up parked in front of the telly at four, drooling over the Teletubbies.

However, I realized that I would be in essence chained to the device. And while I like what this thing can do, I don't know if I want to be that close to anyone.

I am growing sour, and old. Maybe the happy optimism of the PIS website will rub off on me, and I will face each new day with a sunny face and a thrilling warble.
  • You know, learning Latin will make learning several descended languages easier. The ahem Romance languages (named, as one of my Spanish professors told us once in a frothing pedantic rage, not for the reputation of Latin ppl as lovers, but because they are decended from the language of Rome. Give us a break; we were 12) are all very similar to each other because of that shared root.

    Spanish is my second language, and because of it I can decipher a good chunk of Italian, some bits of Romanian, and a fair amount of French.

    Hence my entirely undeserved reputation as a polymath. *wg*
    • It is not undeserved. Come now, you have to grab all the credit you can. Deserved? Undeserved? Leave that to the history books. We are goddesses.
  • Oh, it's so good to have you back posting and waxing! I have missed reading your journal.

    It is your willingness to undertake such things that makes me love you.
    • And here I thought it was my blue eyes and thrilling wit. Ah..the heartbreak. (g)
      • And here I thought it was my blue eyes and thrilling wit. Ah..the heartbreak. (g)

        I didn't know you have blue eyes! I knew you had thrilling wit (that much is plainly obvious), but I didn't know about the blue eyes. I'd like to see a picture of you someday (I have blue eyes, too)!
  • Reading Rumi always works for me...

    If not there's always a kait yim tacklepoink. Ready when you are.
    • I live for those poinks. And Rumi is beautiful. I just know that there are so many different translations because the translator can't just transliterate. He has to try to make his translation aesthetically appealing too. Hence the subtle shifts of meaning.
      • Translations...

        Yes, and then there are people who mess about with classic Carole King songs. They needputting away if you ask me.

        Ain't it good to know that you've got a poink
        When people can be so offline
        They won't ping you, or RP you
        And lose your email if you let them
        Oh, but don't you let them

        You just poink out my YIM
        And you know wherever I am
        I'll come running to poink you again
        Winter, spring, summer or fall
        All you have to do is call
        And I'll be there
        You've got a poink
  • I will have you know..that I just hurt myself, laughing at that.
    Thank you thank you thank you, lovely woman.

    If you have to go to sleep-away camp, I am going too!
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