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a passionate repentance

I'm really tired. My dad is going to be all right. But I feel flat…

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may God stand
I'm really tired.

My dad is going to be all right. But I feel flat and flavorless and squashed, as if everything that made me *me* has been pressed out and taken away.

To add whimsy to the situation, I have HIS name for Christmas. What do you get for the man who doesn't want anything?
  • I'm glad your dad is going to be alright. *hug*
  • That's really good news, sweetie. Now just give yourself time to regroup and rehydrate your spirit. Go to your well, eh?

    ::long-distance hug::
  • What are you doing up reading this response? Go back to bed! Get some rest! :: hugs! ::

    I'm glad your dad's going to be all right! That's wonderful news! Now... go out and buy him a big sign that says: "I'm fine! Stop asking!" That should make him a very happy present!
  • I'm glad your dad will be okay. That squashed feeling is you missing all that energy you spent worried about him. And you had to wait to hear from a damned long time.

    As for the gift... I'd ask him straight out what he wants and tell him 'I don't want anything' isn't an acceptable response, if you can be that honest with him. I have to do that with my Dad, now. At 63 he's got all the camera equipment, tools (triplicates in some cases) and photography books that a man can stand.

    Worst comes to worst and you can't worm something out of him get him a Home Depot/Lowe's/whichever hardward store chain you have down there. Men can't resist hardward stores even when they say they don't need anything. Then he can get whatever he wants and you've made that possible.
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