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a passionate repentance

"Guerrilla war is what American soldiers are facing in Iraq,…

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may God stand
"Guerrilla war is what American soldiers are facing in Iraq, according to their own commander, Gen. John Abizaid. It's a term not invoked lightly in a military only now recovering from defeat in Vietnam.

For Americans who remember that conflict, "guerrilla war'' evokes discredited cliches about "winning the hearts and minds'' of the people and victory as a "light at the end of the tunnel'' slipping ever further away."

AOL News, today

I remember when I was around six, playing indoors, thinking that not a whole hell of a lot could be wrong with the world when I had Fruit Stripe Gum and a shirt and a pair of shorts that matched my gum. I was so pleased with this that I'd take my gum out of my mouth just to make sure it hadn't changed color *again*. Life was pretty good.

Then my mother told me and Melinda to be quiet (not easy, because we were fighting, and we fought a lot. The lists of casualties were being run on the television and my mother wanted to be sure that my father's name wasn't on them.

He was in Vietnam for a long time. I don't remember a whole lot of how he was like before he left. To be honest, I was pretty oblivious to a lot of it. There were the years when my dad was a tape recorder, and then there were the years after that. And I don't really remember what he was like that.

Of course, It's been a long time since then. When you remember things you encapsulate them. You make them better, and you tuck up all the loose ends, and make everything make sense. But I do remember that. I remember the feel of the carpet under my knees, and the sound of the television, and my mother's voice sharp and kind of shrill. The tone we didn't argue with, because that meant Bad Bad Things.

Now I have to wonder how many kids like Sam are going to have to shut up while their moms listen to casualty lists. I read somewhere that the United States has been in a war somewhere every year. And I have to wonder..what the fuck was I thinking, to think that we were at peace? What the hell are we doing? Why do we need to be involved in someone else's business with guns and bombs every year? Kissinger said that America had to keep involved in things to remind the world that she was a superpower. I didn't realize Kissinger was such a psychotic and deeply cynical man. If those two things aren't mutually incompatible.

Of course, I remember the political scandals just fine. Maybe they got more air time. Maybe I just built an internal filter that kept a lot of this crap out. But what is more important than people dying? When did we become such a nosy neighbor? I'm no longer wondering why does the rest of the world hate us, but why don't they hate us more than they do?

It isn't that Bush is so bad. It's that Bush is so *flagrantly* bad. So childishly and transparently bad. He can't fool us any longer, and we're working our asses off, trying to do our part to keep up the illusion.

Someday, they're going to ask us what the hell the war in Iraq was for. And we're not going to have an answer.
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