Koinonia (koinonia) wrote,

I am just numb.

No wait. I do feel something.

I'm scared. I've never faced any presidency with the sheer amount of *dread* that I do this second term.

Because I know there will be a draft.

The repeal of Roe vs. Wade

An amendment against same sex marriage.

More jobs will go overseas

More stories about Abu Ghraib, and abuses like them.

More stories of vote caging, ballots lost, more allegations.

My taxes will go up, even as my hours available to work go down.

I'll pay more and more for gas.

I've never looked into emigration before.

God, please look after this country. We've never abandoned the principles of simple common sense so egregiously before..certainly not within my memory, all the while loudly and insistently claiming Your guidance.
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