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a passionate repentance

I have no idea what to say. The election's in a week, and I feel…

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may God stand
I have no idea what to say.

The election's in a week, and I feel this horrible sense of..helplessness. Like everything's been settled. Everthing's done before hand, and all the rest is..American bread and circuses.

Everything feels flat. Like the line a friend of mine wrote once, and all I can remember of it was that 'all the candles were short.' Yeah. I miss you, you know.

I know all the things I have to do. I know the order in which I have to do them. I even know the way it'll feel when I've done them..but I can't get the energy together to begin.

  • It all looks dark, I agree, but dammit, I refuse to give up hope. There is always hope. I cling to my Lord of the Rings fantasy and hope that somehow, somewhere, Frodo and Sam are about to throw the ring of truth into the roiling hell of lies that is the Bush Administration and we will be set free.

    There never was much hope. Only a fool's hope. But maybe it will be enough.

    Miss you, sweet thang.

  • I'm actually cautiously optimistic, so long as there's no October surprises like the current Administration pulling Bin Laden out of a hat. Would they stoop so low? You bet your arse they would.

    It'll be an interesting week, that's for sure.
    • Hubby dude and I have a friendly bet on that one. I'm betting Sunday we get this huge news flash with Army generals parading around a scruffy-lookin' guy in a turban who might be Bin Laden if you squint and look sideways and, you know, if you hadn't seen any of the videos CNN has played for the masses in the last two years.

      I can relate to the sense of hopelessness, though. The current administration are blatant liars and cowards who have no interest in any but a small portion of some fantasy conservative America they like to pretend they live in. BushCo is bad for just about everything important to me. Not that Kerry is going to be much better. I simply don't think he has the right combination of diplomacy to bring the Right and Left together and strength to make hard choices.

      The presidency has become a prize to achieve, not an office to serve as the thoughtful statesman/caretaker of a republic.
  • Hugs and love to you, sweetie. I am out here ready to push you if that's what you need to get that motivational ball rolling. Remember, I have recently perfected the art of "cruel to be kind!"
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