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a passionate repentance

Useful grammar points

Useful grammar points

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may God stand
Ann_mcn : In theory, one isn't supposed to begin sentences with those words, because they are conjunctions and lead into something. However, this is one of the times that you can break a rule: In conversation, people do use jerky sentences, and you can use those to begin a sentence for a certain effect.

1. Time honored "he said" or "Harry said" It seems repetitive when you are writing, but it works.
2. Have the speaker address the other one "Ron, we need to get our brooms" -you know it is Harry speaking.
3. Add a bit of non dialogue. She fiddled with her radish earrings, and said "Who is George marrying?"
Ann_mcn : Just as examples. Look at authors you enjoy and see how they did it.

As it has been pointed out to me, I misspelled 'grammar'. God, that's just sad.
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