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a passionate repentance

I am back. It's good to be writing again. More later, I guess.

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may God stand
I am back.

It's good to be writing again.

More later, I guess.
  • Welcome back, mo bancharaid.
  • From Jay

    Welcome back, sweetie. Hope all is reasonably well.
    My insane brother and his family are leaving tomorrow for Disneyworld. I said, "What? DisneySticks? DisneyMud?" But he said it would be fine. Must be that fairy dust in the Magic Kingdom, 'cause what I see on the news doesn't look fine.

    Thinking of you.
    • Re: From Jay


      OhmiGod, it's good to hear from you! ::mad huggings and squooshings:: Is everyone there okay? How are you doing? You guys get stomped on by the Hurricanes On Tour?

      Disney is a law unto itself. Disney will survive the Apocalypse. Glowing slightly and a trifle mutated, it will probably offer it's hermetically sealed sparkly goodness to tourists until the sun at last goes out.

      So cool to hear from you.
  • Glad to see you back!

    And, I am sorry to have to tell you this, but hurricane seasons seem to be on a natural 30ish year cycle which is heading towards its 'very stormy' phase, and this year was not the peak.

    Personally, I expect the remnant of Karl to stop by up here any day now.
  • YAY!

    You're safe! You've been on my mind for a long time lately. I'm glad to hear you're okay!
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