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a passionate repentance

Glory Days

Glory Days

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may God stand
You know, like the song?

I don't want to end up being one of those people who live in those days. Because the best things about those days weren't the things I did, they're the things I thought I was *going* to do.

I don't know that happiness is really based on what *is* as much as the expectation that what is now will be surpassed by what is to come.

Of course that could easily be characterized as 'living in the future' when there arguably *is* no future, it, like the past, is a theoretical construct. Though, there is evidence of the past..evidence that things *did* happen, I think that the theory revolves around our interpretations of what happened. Why it happened, who did it.

Of course, I could just as well be completely full of it, and really needing some exercise, some fiber and some time in the Big Room.


Is there such a thing as a 'happy ever after?'

And if you had it, would you ever be content to let go of it? Or would you turn into one of those people who lived in glory days? You know "I was a prince once, a real prince and I had a princess for a wife and half a damn kingdom to call my own. No I don't know what the king did with the other half. The man was my father in law. I figure that it wasn't good to push, you know? Don't want to look greedy.."

Is that why so much of happiness is based on expectation? That somewhere down the road we have it hardwired in our brains so that when we die, we can let go of the now in expectation of the happy ever after to come?

I don't know. Right now I feel uncomfortably ignorant and uncomfortably *small*...a handful of loudmouthed, uncouth chemicals in search of reasons in what could be a completely random universe.

I need chocolate.
  • There's some evidence that the brain can't handle too much happiness - it shuts down the receptors.

    I've always thought that perfect happiness=perfect stagnation, because there's no incentive to do anything. Maybe that's why humans need conflict. The pursuit of happiness seems a lot more useful than catching it.

  • There is actually a Star Trek story out there somewhere(the original series) in which the crew finds people hooked up to machines and the people beg to be released so they can die. The crew debates but eventually except for Bones they decide to free them. They find out during the time that they are not being tortured with pain but rather being fed pure pleasure stimuli, but after a time it ceased to be pleasure and they longed to be free of it. Just a story the stuck in my old cobweb of a mind after all these years.
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