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a passionate repentance

I am such a snob. I don't want a synthetic diamond, but a natural…

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may God stand
I am such a snob.

I don't want a synthetic diamond, but a natural one, and if I find out it's synthetic, I won't wear it.

I don't like diamonds.

I do like rubies..and they have to be natural too. I'd rather have an inferior 'real' ruby than a much superior synthetic jewel.

I don't want perfume with alcohol in it, or fragrance oils (though I'm fine with them in soap) because I think it kills the 'spirit' of the perfume.

I like real garlic. Not garlic powder.

I like real cotton, and linen and wool and silk. Nylon makes me feel like ants are crawling all over my skin. I don't like polly OR esther.

I like fountain pens better than ball points. I don't like dip pens because they're messy. I *do* like computers, and technology, come on, I'm not a neo-Luddite, I'm just a snob.

I don't care if you have a title or money or what have you. But if you don't have books in your house, I have to wonder what you do with your brain.

Making allowances for allergies, and dislikes, I think Chanel was right. "A woman who has no perfume has no future."

I like being ordinary. Jeans and a tee shirt are play clothes to me. So jeans that cost more than a suit, and tee shirts that are too good to play in..what's the point?

I don't like flavored soda water. But I do like soda. Go figure. I like water flavored water just fine, and iced tea, coffee, and so forth. Maybe it's a remnant of a fussy childhood.

I do like sneakers and trainers. They're play shoes. Same as for jeans above.

I don't see the point in high heeled sneakers, or sneaker-clogs. Um..what are they for?

I think every woman should have comfortable underthings that she wears just for herself.

I think that sharing a toothbrush is unhygenic, but at the same time, if you're kissing this person, what germs from them *aren't* you getting?

I don't like plastic flowers. But I do think that well made (hand made) silk flower combs are pretty. Just not..arrangements.

I think that dogs in sweaters look strange. Cats in sweaters look irritable.

I would rather wear a piece of hand-made jewelry than something of higher value that was store-bought and machined.

I think everyone who has the money should buy at least one bar of good handmade soap and try it. It's such a nice thing to do for yourself.

You see? I told you I was a snob. Paris Hilton, move over. And while we're at it, Paris..eat a sandwich or something, girl. And wash your face, honey. Less is more, you know?
  • Whoa!

    *I* could have written this. Except for the jewels. I like to 'look' at opals, but don't wear any myself...and the perfume. All perfume makes me feel sick(nauseous)with a headache. I just stick to talc and whatever's in my moisturiser.
    And my favourite necklaces are both Navajo. One is silver with aquamarine, and the other is a wooden carving of a bear paw, with a teeny tiny bear carved in the 'pad' of the main carving.
    My soap comes from the Big Bee place.
    And I can't drink anything with bubbles in it. I have to let soda go flat before I can stomach it. I prefer tea or water.
  • There's a difference between being a snob and having opinions in matters of taste.
  • There's one thing I disagree about. Sneaker-clogs. They are useful, if only for a small time in the year. There is a kind of weather, a not-too-cold, but not warm late spring/early summer or late summer/early autumn, when they're just perfect for walking around.
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