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a passionate repentance



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may God stand
Okay today didn't start out so good.

I have been trying to give up caffeine, and the headache it has given me is vicious. I couldn't find the aspirin, and then I couldn't find the peppermint (It helps, trust me) and I gave in and I had some diet soda and it STILL wasn't helping.

Add to that that it looks like NOBODY knows (the trouble I've seen) er..where Hurricane Ivan is going to go and so I don't know whether I should have hysteria now, or save my coupons and do it later.

I even had three hours of work today and another shift tomorrow, and I have never felt LESS like working.

And then. Before this becomes another unbearable tale of woe from the same folks who brought you..the Lamentations of Jeremiah!..

I got an e-card from my friend.

I got a note from someone I was worried about.

I remembered that there are people out there, like mo cridhe, and L, and K, and S and Bana, and others, who really do care about what happens to me.

I am so very very lucky. I really am. I am very grateful to be able to know and love so many truly outstanding people. In the flesh, and through our electronic communications. I do not know if that electronic bond is of the same depth and breadth as one forged in real life--but does that really matter? Some people are there simply to meet you and touch you briefly. Others come and stay.

Christ on toast, I sound like a greeting card.

I guess I really don't care. Sometimes it's nice to be mushy.
  • I've been watching the predicted path of Ivan and it's been slightly different, slightly more curved and from a more westerly point every time I look at it. If I'd kept records, the trajectories towards Florida would be arranged clockwise around the state (would amuse me if it'd end up approaching Florida from the north)
    It's not as perfectly shaped as Frances was, either. It's like the monster truck derby of hurricanes, all destructive energy and little plan or style.

    Anyway, the important thing about sounding like greeting cards is not only acknowledging that it does has its moments, but also acknowledging the value of having people you're comfortable sharing such moments with :)
    • Looks like the outermost clouds of that mess are brushing the Keys now.
      I don't know how much of the clouded area has wind of dangerous strength, so I don't know how far away it'd have to be for your area to be perfectly safe. (Where is your general area?) Anyway, here's hoping it stays as far away from you as it's capable of!
  • Frankly my writing always seems like crap after your prose,but I hope you get to ride through Ivan with minimal additional fuss.-take care- Kirsten
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