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a passionate repentance

Frances Schmances

Frances Schmances

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may God stand
I am beginning to think that waiting for a hurricane is a lot like waiting for that relative at Christmas you never liked. The one who was always late. I am ashamed to admit that that was my aunt Jean. She was sharp tongued and peppery and we all tiptoed a bit whenever we saw her because you didn't know when she was going to say something just *awful*.

That being said, she was probably also the most *interesting* relative I had in a car-wreck fascination kind of way. All you had to do was stay quiet and not draw attention to yourself, and you could watch your grown up relatives mince their way around this little, peppery woman who adored her nasty-tempered little black dogs (a succession of them, all named Peppy.) Mind you I found out later that my aunt could also be damned interesting when she thought you were interested in her. She was a flapper during the twenties, she married and divorced in a time when people just didn't *do* that. At least not any of the other people in my mother's side of the family.

Frances is hanging around, in that obnoxious way some people have. The ones that hang onto the top of your cubicle and breathe their weird coffee-and-cigarettes breath onto the top of your head. I don't know what a hurricane would think of if a hurricane could think. I'd like to think that there's a hurricane lobby somewhere with year old National Geographics for them to read, and maybe a couple of 'Jack and Jill' magazines for tropical depressions to go through.

I'll find out when I come back, how the world has changed. It'll be like surfacing, coming up after a really long and involving novel or movie. I hope that after I rub all the sleep out of my eyes, there'll be some familiar things there for me to see. And I don't see being without power for a long time as being any fun, but it IS a test of sorts, to see if you can handle it. And that is absorbing.
  • How close to the coast are you? Looks like they think it'll just leapfrog into central Florida...
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