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a passionate repentance



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may God stand
Sometimes..you're drowning in your own voices. Your thought and those wierd ideas in your head are growing like Sleeping Beauty's hedge, and you're thinking that maybe all there ever was and ever will be..is a sky that's dappled green and shadow, with the Gordian snarl of roots underfoot.

And then..a friend comes out of left field, out of the shadow, like the brush from God's hand, and he says something says..

Something. And it leaves you gobsmacked and silent. There are no words. There aren't even *thoughts*. Just..silence. Blessed blessed silence. And the urge to sit down and cry..because it feels so *good*. Because you know you've been blessed.

Thank you, my good angel. You are truly in this moment a 'light of lights', and a glimpse of the face of God.

The leaves part in obedience to the will of that cooling breeze. And while the way is no clearer..and the path is no smoother..still there is a glimpse of sky.

I love you. Thank you.
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