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a passionate repentance

Work, work and more work

Work, work and more work

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may God stand
I work, I go sleep, I work.

Sometimes, like a nervous tic I play with the Glasya perfume. I can't leave it alone. I have to keep picking at it. Now I've added a drop of cinnamon, two of patchouli and three of dragon's blood resin. It should tone down the piercing sweetness,though I had to admit that the sweetness wasn't unpleasant..it smelled rather honeylike and a bit fruity.

I hate putting people off, too. And when someone calls when I'm working, I do have to put them off, cause I can't concentrate. I'm also functionally deaf or something, I can't always hear what people say. I'll have to get it checked out.


I miss my friends.

I'm going to take a nap. I have a full night tonight.
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