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a passionate repentance

I bought this bottle of perfume oil from Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs--…

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may God stand
I bought this bottle of perfume oil from Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs-- Glasya. I figured..eh..I like patchouli, I like musk, I like vetiver, I love rose..so what's a little ylang-ylang? It'll be crowded right out.

Hah. I laugh derisively at my former naivete. Ylang-ylang is like nitroglycerine. It never takes much and it's never been the sort of thing to stay in the background. I opened the bottle, and reeled. I don't like ylang-ylang, and I don't know why, one of those preference things, I suspect..I never really thought much about it. I don't like nard either (Nardostachys Jatamansi) so I thought maybe it was just an animal notes problem?

Except I love musk. Now most musks in Amerkan perfumes are synthetics--it's against the law to purchase real musk, real ambergris, or real civet here. Castoreum is another illegal, but I've never smelled that. And so my access to those things has been perforce limited.

Add to that that my formative perfume smelling years (teens and early twenties) were during the Calon years..where Calon was in everything, and sexy, musky, heavy perfumes were not the thing..and I guess it makes sense.

Still. Back to Glasya. That's the name of this perfume. BPAL makes some marvellous perfumes by the way, go see them if you can. But Glasya, gotten during a swap..was my bete noir.

I figured..okay..it's not like it's *that* popular that I can get a swap out of it. It wasn't full, so I dumped in perhaps a ml. of mandarin orange. I love mandarin orange. That helped some. It took a bit of the mickey out of the ylang-ylang. But not enough. So..I added a bit more. Not a problem..when you have opened a can of worms it requires a bigger can to contain it. So I shifted over the orifice reducer and there you go.

But it was still heavy, sickly sweet. So I added a ml of Mysore sandalwood from my precious store. (I have one four ounce bottle, bought *years* ago.) Now *that* helped. It rounded out the scent some, and it smoothed things a bit. Inspired, I added more rose otto, to bring out the rose more, and then added what I thought was a drop or two of lemon.

Not lemon. It was another blend entirely, with lemon and lavender and bergamot. The result is *very* pretty, with the citrus evanescing very quickly and the rest playing along nicely, to a soft, warm finish on my skin. The only fly in the ointment that I can see..is that I have no damn idea what else was in that blend I tipped in, and so if I ever wanted to redo the blend..I can't.

It's a bit like making soup, I think. I keep adding things until there's less and less of the original there, and the only thing that's still from BPAL is the bottle and the label.

Oh, well. It's cheap fun, for eleven bucks. What can I tell you?
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