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a passionate repentance

You can depend upon the trust of the collective

You can depend upon the trust of the collective

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may God stand
Which means..what, exactly? That's a fortune cookie for you. I'd love to get one that said "You will find a pair of clean knickers when you thought you didn't have any more and while you're getting into them, you'll be hit on the head by a brick bearing the winning lottery number." Or something like that. Something clear and specific.

Bugger. I have spent today in various shades of panic and boredom. The cable went out, like a bastard and I thought for sure that I wouldn't be able to work my shift tomorrow. Called the cable company. They said.."No, no..it's a software problem. See? You can ping AOL's edge router. So it's a software problem. Go away and call AOL's tech support".

All right. So armed with the words 'ping' and 'edge router' and only the faintest idea of what they actually *mean*..isn't a router something that routs internet traffic to and from a hub? Um..is there a test on this? I called Amerka On Liennne's Teck Suphort. And spoke to a charming woman named Dina who spoke in a beautiful East Indian accent. She was a joy to behold..or hear, and I could have listened to the music that was her voice all day. Needed to, since I couldn't understand what she said.

So I explained my problem. Resisted the urge to speak more loudly and clearly than usual, since she was speaking English, and clearly not deaf. She said that it had to be a cable problem. I said "No..I just *spoke* with the cable company and they said it had to be an AOL problem. She asked me what sort of computer I was using, and I told her, and what version of Windows I was using, and I told her that too. Then she said that I needed to speak to Dell.

Before I could protest that really Dell had worked FINE when I was on dialup, and that it was only since the advent of the twenty first century in my computerized world that things had gone to hell, she had put me on a waiting list to speak to a tech from Dell.

Where I was disconnected.

Now, to add the spice to the dish..I had called my work in something of a panic, to say that I had spoken to the cable company and they were going to send someone out but it wouldn't be until tomorrow and so therefore I couldn't work the shif I was scheduled to. Not a lot of money lost but then I'm not making a lot of money, am I?

Wearied, bloodied, but unbowed, I went to watch telly hoping to soothe my frazzled nerves with the idiot box. Only to discover that the cable was out there too.

I came back in and thought for a while about sedation.

BY the time I'd gotten myself up out of my slough of despond, at least enough to start looking for means by which I might pass a few hours profitably, my husband was home. He turned on the telly to see what there was to be seen, ignoring my warnings that the cable wasn't on...and there was nothing to be seen.

The cable was back.

With fear and trembling in my heart I checked to see if I could sign on. Yes. I could. All was well or seemed so. Seems so. I called back the cable company to see if I should cancel my appointment to see a technician about fixing things, since they were apparently fixed..and discovered that there *was* no appointment to cancel. Some kindly spirit had cancelled it for me I suppose. Lead on, kindly light.

I got a whole great wodge of little sample vials so I'm packaging up things to send to people and my fingers smell like strawberries and ylang-ylang, hideously sweet, but that's what's popular right now. I've put labels on things, and watched them fall off and taped them back on. Now if they fall off, the damn things are packed in bubble wrap, and it'll be someone else's problem to sort them out. Have fun.
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