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a passionate repentance

Lord lord. It's been a day of hurry up and wait. Lots of overcast,…

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may God stand
Lord lord.

It's been a day of hurry up and wait. Lots of overcast, lots of cloud, not a lot of thunder and lightning so far, thank God.

Which is not to say it can't.

I've received two Gee perfumes..Gluttony, which smells irresistably like toffee and caramel and can get a little sickening if it's on forever and ever. And Glasya..which is incredibly sweet and ylang-ylang-y..and did I mention how much I hate cananga odorata? Ugh. It's just..got this dying fall that's as sweet and rotten as a caried tooth. Now jasmine, especially jasmine sambac..oh, my God, wrap me up and carry me away in it. But the Gluttony, and the Glasya..urgh. No.

Maybe that's just my mood at the present. It's a bit jaundiced.

Maybe it's the ylang-ylang.
  • The only perfume that has ever worked with my body is Angel by Thierry Mugler. It contains chocolate as a scent component.
    All the pretty little fresh spring flower perfumes smell like trash on me, no matter how expensive they are.
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