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a passionate repentance

Catching up, but so slowly. Got the things I need, now I need to…

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may God stand
Catching up, but so slowly.
Got the things I need, now I need to puzzle through setting it up. And that's fine. I should go to bed, and believe me, I'm going. I just don't want to lose some habits, and the journal's one of them.

Eventually I want to go back to paper and pen. When I actually have handwriting that's readable, then I can achieve that low-tech standard I dream of.

Beats me why.

Maybe I just like to reduce things to their smallest and most easily controllable bits.
  • Baby steps, sweetheart! That's the way to go! You'll mow 'em down a blade of grass at a time!
  • I prefer paper-and-pen writing to typing (though my handwriting's not great, either, unless I write slowly and deliberately). I think I like it because it is simple, and it has a more human touch than typewriters or computers.

    It's also a wonderfully classic means of communication, and I'm fond of classic things. ;)
  • Remember, paper and pen are more portable. You can tuck a small Moleskine into a pocket and not have to worry about power and carting a computer so if a thought strikes you, you've got the tools right there to jot it down.

    Sometimes the old ways do work best.
  • I just wanted to say, you are doing a fantastic job as Filius. I'd really like for Pomona and Filius to cook up something for the future (as things are slow at the moment). Perhaps you could email me when you have a chance and we could work up a bit of plot? My email is on my user info page for this account.

    He and Pomona, I believe, get together and gossip quite a bit (although they will both deny the gossip part) and they do read a lot of the same books (Ali had Filius reading romance novels and Pomona loves them). So if you are game...
    • I'd love to plot! I was just thinking, they've had a duelling club, which is all very well, but when has anyone (except for Severus) had a chance to show off their *intellect*? A book club might be a nice idea, everyone taking a book, and each person having a turn at suggesting the book.

      Or what about reinstating the duelling club-beginning with the teachers? I've been hesitant to suggest anything simply because it seems like the poison plot's very big, and I was rather afraid that the end of the term meant the end of the RP.

      Flitwick might, in an unusually serious mood, suggest something like a think-tank..people who are especially good at their disciplines getting together to pool ideas and share thoughts about how to keep Hogwarts safe and defeat Voldemort.

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