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a passionate repentance

Work and stuff

Work and stuff

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may God stand
Okay, so now we have cable. Nice, as far as downloading, but then the latest AOL wouldn't work with it. Saturday was spent downloading the previous version of 8.0 and making sure that it would work. Which it does. And today I have downloaded Powertools..which does NOT work.


Okay. So back to BPS..to try to figure out what I am doing, posted on the liveworld board and asked for help and I have fallen down and kissed the hem of Teri's robes to beg her for help too. I can't open the documents that Host Julia is using because the word viewer won't run on a 32 bit machine, and the 32 bit word viewer requires that I have Word. And I do not. I also don't have 229.00.

I'm told that you can get it more cheaply elsewhere, but how long does THAT take to arrive?

I NEED training, I want to work and I'm afraid that I'm in danger of losing this job, because I cannot keep up. Ironically it's not a matter of doing the job..that I feel confident I can do.

I'm afraid.
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