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a passionate repentance

Teh Great Work At Home Suspiriment

Teh Great Work At Home Suspiriment

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may God stand
There are certain things I have discovered about working at home and I haven't even properly started the job yet. BUT..being the generous soul I am, I am going to share. (whether you like it or not)

When you work at home, you always find the weirdest stuff to eat for lunch. And you eat it because if you don't it will go bad. Right then.

When you work at home you can take a coffee break and dry a couple of loads of socks.

Office gossip is not conducted in the office.

There is no office.

But gossip *can* occur. You just have to work at it a little more.

When you work at home people do not knock on your door any more. They figure you must not be working because you're home and therefore they can come in.

Explaining that you *are* working will last about as long as it takes for a baked potato to cool after it comes out of the microwave.

And fall on the floor.

But the people who do not knock do not tell you that the cat is licking the butter off your baked potato because they don't want to disturb you while you're working.

You find out because the cat comes in to have a wash and a pet and has baked potato bits on her whiskers.

You will always have to go to the bathroom during the absolutely MOST IMPORTANT bits of training.

And your log will fail.

If you are afraid you will drive everyone crazy, relax. You will.

You will have plumbing problems. The house will. And need a plumber. Or the air conditioning will fail. Or you will need a new computer.

You will discover ten very good reasons why you must never ever ever go naked anywhere in your house except the bathroom. And seven of them live next door.
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    This is all soo true..........and funny when it's not happening.
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