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a passionate repentance

For T: You know who you are. Congratulations! I am so very very…

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may God stand
For T: You know who you are. Congratulations! I am so very very proud!

Por Mademoiselle Lapin;

Eight tiny bottles sit on my desk, eight times I have tried to distill the essence of your conversation.
The liquid trembles with each movement of my hands.
The colors are as humble as my realization, yellow and peach and cocoa, muted movements along a limited scale.

But every now and then, I lift a bottle up and tug the cork free.

The scents rush upward like efriti, delivering the hints of lemony repartee, of mandarin cheer and epigrammatic bergamot. There is softness in the whisper of jasmine and plumeria that I flatter myself is a little like seeing you smile. Something shy, and quick, and gentle.

And in the bottles where things blend and come together or tug apart in surprising ways, even the darkness, smelling of patchouli and vetiver and dragon's blood..is gentle, and warm and curiously kind.

Keep me in your kind thoughts, as I struggle to find a way to capture the essence of ideas in scent, in color, in a glass dram bottle.
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