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a passionate repentance

One pretty thing

One pretty thing

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may God stand
I finished cleaning out the C/F, put in the converter I got from Swisher Pens--not Waterman, I haven't heard from them in fourteen days. Last night I polished it up, and oh, it shines prettily. It writes beautifully too, making me wish with all my heart that my handwriting looked better than it does.

I made a blend for L. I wish that I could help her in some way, make things easier for her but I can't really. All I can do is wait and hope. And be there. It's so hard to wait, and I can only imagine that it's three times as hard for her.

Found a work at home site that actually seems to have some job postings, which is nice. More than. I've already gone through the ones they have up for the week and applied to some, so I don't feel so completely hopeless.

I am going to give O. my pen, the red one. I'd like to find something special to give B, but I don't want to give him something he could find anywhere.

No one..and I mean no one has submitted *anything* for the story contest. Well, well. I guess it means that those two pens are mine then. That's fine. Maybe B'll want 'em. Or J, since she is just so obviously *cool*. And M is so nice! I never knew how nice before. And so is G.

In fact everyone is nice. Except I don't feel nice. I don't feel nice at all. I don't know why, except that my diet is changing and I'm going through sugar withdrawals. Well, that's the story anyway, and I'm sticking with it until my lawyer shows up.
  • I'd have entered, except, writing something new is just right out lately, and I feel crappy about entering older work. Yunno? Like I'm cheating or something.
  • story contest?
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