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a passionate repentance



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may God stand
I went to my mom's, and had the most amazing lemony chicken dish..nothing extraordinary as far as work goes, but oh, *man*..

Take your chicken (a whole one, not pieces parts) and clean it. Rub pepper and kosher salt over the skin. Then cut the peel off of three or four fresh lemons. Put the lemons, sans peel, inside the chicken cavity. Make sure that the wee legs are all tucked up close, and put it in to bake at 375 degrees for an hour. YUM!

My mom wanted to watch this British show called "What Not To Wear." Which consists of possibly the two bitchiest women in England giving advice on what to wear. They give you two thousand pounds to buy clothes, which is very nice, but they practically take you apart first. Totally humiliate you on TV.

So part of me is appalled at how *nasty* these women are to this person they're helping. And part of me is wondering why *again* a woman's value is invested not in how she thinks or even what she does but how she *looks*.

I guess ugly people, like us short folk, got no reason.
  • Oh, come on. If it's the same show I've seen, it's not her *looks* that are judged/ridiculed, or anything personal and unchangeable like that, but her *taste* in clothing. And I see nothing wrong with that. People with bad taste should have no right to vote.
    They could do the same thing about their selection of cds or video tapes, only it wouldn't be as much fun.
    Also, nasty is the new nice this season.
    • Well, IMO it's in bad taste to destroy someone like that on television. And it's bad taste to allow yourself someone to do that to you on television. If someone's willing to trade their self-respect for a couple thousand quid, some "free" advice, and a chance to be on TV, then they deserve whatever they get.
      • As far as I am concerned, Trinny and Susannah are a million times more interesting to watch than straight eyes for queer guys. Heck, I've picked up a couple clothing notions from the program myself; stuff a cheap ad filled magazine with clothes hanger models never could have convinced me of.
        • Oh, I never said it couldn't be interesting to watch or educational. But it's still rude.
  • While I don't think it's necessary to be that rude to anyone about their clothing choices I think the show provides some excellent fashion advice and reasons why such things work. The American version is idoicy squared.

    As for QEftSG that one is more about lifestyle changes for men and not just clothing choices. In all honesty I like that show because, while it is campy, there's some good advice there, as well. Hubbydude enjoys it and has picked some things up (although he's a snappy dresser to begin with).

  • old bags..

    I've only glimpsed this once for a couple of minutes , when I was
    in the kitchen and couldn't get to the remote to change the channel.
    The woman they were 'helping', still looked like a little fat lady no matter what she wore.
    I figgered she might as well be comfortable and ordinary, as well-dressed and ordinary.
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