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a passionate repentance

Living ethically and being forgiven

Living ethically and being forgiven

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may God stand
Okay..I was raised as a Christian.

I am now pagan.

What does a pagan do for forgiveness?

How do I live ethically?

How do I forgive myself?

I can't just *be* something I am not. There is a part of me that insists that while things have relationships to one another, 'everything is not everything.' So how do you either avoid formlessness or narrowminded literalism?

I think I need more sleep. And maybe to get out more.

Can the dead forgive?
  • Re: Ethics

    Being blind does not sharpen hearing, or smell or touch as a matter of course, you have to *learn* how to pay attention to your senses.
    I absolutly, totally agree. But did I say that sharpened senses are the reason the blind man is likely to do better?

    And if the blind person is either new to blindness, or in a room they don't know, I'd say they were about equal
    Sorry I avoided that nit with the careful use of "is _likely_ to do better". It's also possible for a sighted man to be used to working in a pitch black environment, or thinks before acting on instinct. I'm talking probabilities.

    Btw, I don't get the joke. Should that be an agnostic?
    • Re: Ethics

      Btw, I don't get the joke. Should that be an agnostic?
      Perhaps. A real atheist would have contended that there is no cat.
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