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a passionate repentance

Living ethically and being forgiven

Living ethically and being forgiven

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may God stand
Okay..I was raised as a Christian.

I am now pagan.

What does a pagan do for forgiveness?

How do I live ethically?

How do I forgive myself?

I can't just *be* something I am not. There is a part of me that insists that while things have relationships to one another, 'everything is not everything.' So how do you either avoid formlessness or narrowminded literalism?

I think I need more sleep. And maybe to get out more.

Can the dead forgive?
  • some tips from the pagan tamils

    every year, on the holiday of Pongal, many tamils light a big bonfire and throw their misdeeds into it ("you just let them flow from you into the fire," twiggy says).

    it's also considered good to go through your actions of the previous day before you go to sleep at night. question why you did each action, and "settle it within yourself".

    dunno if this helps, but this is how some people do it.
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