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a passionate repentance

More about Sir Koppel

More about Sir Koppel

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may God stand
Subj: RE: Re Sir Koppel
Date: 6/7/2003 10:22:45 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: sanchia@gate.net
To: Chrisiant@aol.com
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Thank you. I just listened to your voice mail. The key problem we are facing is convincing that state that it made a mistake, and that there are enough people willing to step in and take care of him. I've been warned that it could be a long haul, since we're dealing with both law and bureaucracy.

A key problem that still needs to be addressed is that his disability income does not cover his minimal expenses, and I'm wondering now whether it wasn't his financial worries that drove him further into depression, enough to alarm the state social workers. It didn't help that he was pushing us all away when we wanted to find out what was wrong. He explained to me when I could see that a crisis was in the making that he wanted to make people stop caring about him so they wouldn't feel bad when something happened. I told him that the only way that was going to happen is if he outlived all his friends, and that we all intended to stick around a bit longer.

You asked about his injury. He was horribly beaten in or near a New York subway while protecting a woman who was threatened by a gang of thugs. There were facial injuries - I've seen the scars during the rare times he shaved his beard - and I'm told that's where he picked up his bad stutter. I don't know if he brought on the clinical depression, since I've only know him about 15 years, long after this occurred. The incident, by the way, has grown in the telling. When I first heard the tale, he'd been knifed, and I've read a narrative poem about how he was shot, but I got the tale from the baron's mouth: weapons were flashed before the battle began, but were not used. With so many against one, it wasn't necessary.
Hon. Lady Sanchia the Sly
mka Bev Kaufman

When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves.

I have managed to contact Jim Dana, if the email address is correct. I don't know if this will do anything. I think that Denise is correct and that contacting New York will not do much for him. The problem appears to begin and end with money. I have no doubt that in the short run we could raise enough to help, but what are his bills like? They'd have to be bad for the state to step in. And what are his expenses?
Wow..I feel like I'm facing this huge, nebulous *thing*. I wish I knew more of what to do.
  • PR also works

    Wow, it happened that long ago?

    Don't forget the value of good public relations.
    Sir Koppel's story has a great deal of potential in making the state look very good or very bad. The current local and state administration (under Governor J. Bush) certainly has a vested interest in maintaining its reputation for doing good things for FL and its residents, including Sir K. Without going into whether that is deserved, it makes sense IMHO to play to that interest. A little leverage goes a long way, and this is something that one can do at the grassroots level if hiring an attorney is prohibitive.

    It also helps to know the bottom line. If Beverly can get the low-down on his bills, and you can figure out the differential cost to the state of his independence, then you know what you are up against and can:

    • set goals for fund-raising

    • take a proposal to the state (weighing the PR value against the above cost)

    Vis-a-vis the latter - sometimes one has to twist a few arms.
    Petitions alone won't do it in this case, but they underscore the PR issue in the eyes of policy enforcers.

    Finally, remember to get a social worker, or even a private psychiatrist, to actually visit with Sir K. to provide an independent viewpoint. Get anything in writing that you can, or quote the social worker if you can't. You can often take this sort of thing straight to the social services.

    • Re: PR also works

      I didn't realize it happened that long ago either. I've forwarded the gist of your message to Lady Sanchia, and maybe she'll be able to get the figures needed. It will probably take some time, since getting him to give up information's like pulling teeth.Thank you, Bana. You are the best.
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