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a passionate repentance

I need to feed my head. I need to fall in love with a book, and…

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may God stand
I need to feed my head.

I need to fall in love with a book, and after finishing it, let myself lapse into dreams. Reread it. Find time during the day to grab it and read a bit. Remember the good bits.

I need to put glitter on something or make something messy or use the good bath oil. Just because.

I thought for a long time about not making an entry today, but I realized I value having a journal even if it's not brilliance every day. There's a certain virtue in consistency even if it's a plodding virtue.

Why do grownups teach children things that just don't work with grownups?
Conversely why don't the things that work with kids work with grownups then? I think it sounds perfectly acceptable to say "I'm sorry, I messed up, can we start over?"

Why do grownups not hold hands unless they're romantically involved? Are you somehow supposed to forget how nice it feels to hold hands?

I think every hotel room should have Play-do in it.

I think slippers should come with exchangeable ears and faces like a Mr. Potato Head.

I think shampoo should come with an adult no-tears version, and razors should be easy to hold.

I think there should be some kind of flavoring like..bacon and cheese, or sour cream and chives to hide the taste of brussels sprouts.

Everyone should be allowed to taste what peas taste like uncooked if they want to.

Brie should come in resealable tubs.

Everyone should be allowed to skinny dip and not get laughed at at least once.

Toenails should be easier to get to.

Ice cubes should last longer.

When you die, I think you should be allowed to be with the people who love you. And if it's possible, they should put their arms around you and hold you close, so you don't feel afraid, and so that they can feel how very much you love them as you say goodbye.
  • I vote for you as the "world reorganizer!" I like all those ideas! Come on out this way and we'll hold hands and eat raw peas.
    • Does that mean that you'll go pick them for me, too?

      I ran out of 'instant shirt pouch' space today with the tomatoes and blueberries and beans and such. And needed a free hand I didn't have to be able to look through all the leaves.

      I either need more hands, or more assistants.
    • I'm with Ember. I vote for you to be 'World Organizer'. If you need a competent assistant to evil... er... a henchman...er.. a helper, just let me know.

  • HEY!

    I *like* brussels sprouts!

    You'd spoil nice sproutses with nasssssty ssssour cream and chiveses?

    ;-) sprouts with bacon and cheese are nice though...
    • Re: HEY!

      You'd spoil nice sproutses with nasssssty ssssour cream and chiveses?
      You're hopeless...
  • Moreover...

    Dammnit, but you're one of the most wonderful people I've ever met, Nikki. You need to write books. You need to write poetry. You need to be allowed to do whatever you want to do, you should be allowed to sing, to write, to do anything your heart desires. Your heart is so pure and hungry, it makes me hope for myself!
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