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a passionate repentance

Some people have Staphylococcus A bacteria in their noses. How…

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may God stand
Some people have Staphylococcus A bacteria in their noses.

How weird is that?

I've read about people who have swallowed nails, people who have swallowed hundreds of coins, a dauphin's heart, Judy Garland's fingernails, Marilyn Monroe's hair..

Pieces of people. And if one article is to be believed, people trade in that, though I find that kind of hard to believe. I mean, what *for*?

Then again, I have eight fountain pens.

I don't have room to talk do I?

Two of them are going away as prizes in a writing contest. And one is going away as a gift. But the rest..they're all mine, so far. And if I can finish fixing the eighth one it'll be a bona-fide antique.

But I still think that eight fountain pens is a lot less weird than Elvis Presley's *hair*.

There were saints however, and relics of saints and medals that are merely touched to the cloth that touches the bones of saints. So if the relics are trying in some way to 'share out' the blessing of a holy person then, I guess I could see Elvis Presley's hair as sharing his 'famousness'. Sort of. It's all sympathetic magic.

Still, I wouldn't mind a bit of famousness. And I would very much like some holiness. I fear that my little store is sadly very threadbare and worn and getting smaller all the time. Not something I want to take out in company.

Heck..I just remembered something I screwed up.

S, if you're reading this, mucho apologies. I am a dunderhead.

One step forward, two leaps back. We progress. It used to be three.
  • Trust me, fountain pens are on the way normal end of the normal scale. Trading in the bodily whatevers of famous (or infamous) dead people is just weird and strange and, somehow, very disturbing.
  • Most Valuble Tooth
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