Koinonia (koinonia) wrote,


You know, if I had any brains at all, I'd be dangerous.

If I knew how to put this behind one of those cut things I would. I don't so be warned, this is all full of angst and stuff.

Misunderstanding of the classic kind. Person A says "Blah blah." Person B (being moi) takes offense, and is hurt. Somehow (and don't *ask* me how) it goes from misunderstanding to misunderstanding fixed to Person A is a terrible person and is going away now. And person B feels like a schmuck.
Not only that (but wait, there's more!) I said "Maybe I should stop doing this if it creates this problem." I didn't *want* to stop doing that. But I was hurt and angry and frankly I was horrified that I'd given the impression that I was bullying someone.

Have since reversed that, said I did NOT want to stop doing this thing, and indeed wanted to go on, but that may not be an option open to me, now. My protestations may or may not have fallen on deaf ears. And only me to blame.
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