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a passionate repentance

Hearts and Resumes

Hearts and Resumes

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may God stand
I am losing all hope of ever finding another job. I've succeeded in sending out at least one thousand resumes, however. My secret plan to bury the job market in useless bits of paper with my name on it proceeds apace.

They found the little king's heart. Louis XVII, poor little git. He died in the Temple prison of tuberculosis and scabies, and when he died the doctor who did the autopsy cut out the poor little sprog's heart and preserved it. And then he kept it in a jar. I can't imagine anything more awful, poor kid. Lose your mum and dad to the guillotine, become king of France when apparently it's a crime to be King of France, and spend the last of your days as a kid alone in the dark, without a soul who would care for you or help you keep clean.

Well, now they know he's dead. They matched the heart to some hair that'd been cut from Marie Antoinette as far as DNA, so no more claimants to take the title of the lost dauphin.

And to think when I read that in Huckleberry Finn I had no idea who the lost dauphin was.

Well well. I haven't managed to sack the Lady Patricia after all. I can't tell if the feed tube is broken or if the material it was made of has swollen in some way but when I try to sack it and then replace it I can't manage to put it back together. It's a snug fit without the sack but with either latex or silicone it's impossible. Which is a shame. As far as I can tell the nib is clear, the feed runs clear under water, the lever works easily, and the body and cap, apart from light ink staining on the threads of the connection, are immaculate. I've put it all back in the plastic sac to see later what comes of it. I'd hate to have to get a new nib and feed tube but needs must. I'd like to use the pen, not just stare at it while it hangs from the box above my monitor.

Today promises to be another long long day. Please God, give me the strength to get through it. Amen.
  • the lost dauphin

    You have the strength, my friend. It's just way down in your heart, which is not preserved in a jar but preserved in the love that others have for you.
  • well well

    life is not just having a job (i say, although i've never experienced the burden of being unemployed and searching. but i know there is more). i think you're doing good at focusing on the small things, but just to make sure: keep doing that! try to focus on doing things that make you feel good and possibly accomplished. you're not unwanted, okay?
    • Re: well well

      Thank you, Tamf! That means a lot to me. And I really like your avatar of the dakini.
  • Praying for you

    You are in my thoughts and prayers, Nikki. Please hang in there and think positive; I am pretty confident you will find another job soon. Where are you looking, if I may ask?

    Lady Patricia?

    • Re: Praying for you

      I'm looking in Orlando. It got pretty badly hit when 9/11 closed down a lot of tourist activity. Then again, jobs have just been leaving the state. Fast.

      Lady Patricia is a sort of fountain pen made in the thirties by Waterman's of France. I picked one up in an auction very cheaply and I want to make it useable.
  • I understand that it's tough....just hang in there though. Also remember that you aren't alone, I have two degrees and alot of job experience, and nada...zip for work. The pen sounds cool btw, I love writing/drawing with the nib pens and they have so much more class than the ball point!!
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