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a passionate repentance

Since when is the effort of cooperative storytelling one person's…

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may God stand
Since when is the effort of cooperative storytelling one person's responsibility? Or for that matter, when is it something where one person suggests ideas, and the other one shoots them down? Or worse, takes them off into territory never imagined by the first?

I can understand the desire to make things fall as you like them, but that doesn't work when you're working together. There has to be a certain amount of compromise. And patience and tolerance and..a lot of other things.

Not enough sleep and not enough caffeine and no medicine for what, the third week in a row? I'm feeling it now.

Irritated, not angry, feeling unjustifiably poked, or maybe it's justifiable and that's why it nettles me so.

I thought about making this private, but I haven't done that with any of the other entries. It feels like chickening out now.
  • *hug*

    I'm sorry, darling, that things are bad. Just remember: we are here for you, to listen to you rant when you need to, to sing when you want to, and to do what friends do best: just be here.

  • I'm only going to take issue with the last bit of your first paragraph, and I think you'll understand why. ;)

    Or worse, takes them off into territory never imagined by the first?

    This is not always a Worse. Sometimes, it's a beautiful, fabulous, wonderful thing. When I asked you and Princess Fluffypants onboard in my little world, I had *NO* idea things would go half the places they've gone. You two have both brought in things that I never would have, had it remained just the D-man and I. Each session introduces at least *something* unexpected for me.

    But maybe that's part of the cooperative concept. You guys are a *part* of this, you aren't just leaving it "my show", and while I'm grateful that I'm not always driving the handbasket, I'm even more grateful for what you two have brought to the story.

    And I certainly hope that if you have any issues with how I'm doing things, that you'll bring them directly to me without worrying that I'll freak out on you.

    Yunno, just so's ya know.

  • Sometimes we have our dear little plots imagined so carefully, and are so sure we're in synch with our cowriters that it comes as a bit of a nasty surprise when it turns out that they actually own different brains, and are capable of independent thought.

    I mean, what's up with that? ;-)

    One person shouldn't be in charge of a cooperative storyline, because synergy is such a beautiful thing. But I do think that in long-term plots, it helps to have one guiding mind driving the whole over-arching story, so long as there's freedom and growth and surprise and anarchy allowed in the little chapters that follow along.

    That's my philosophy, and I loves you!
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