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a passionate repentance

Little stuff

Little stuff

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may God stand
I am ridiculously proud of myself. I resacked two very old fountain pens, and I look forward to seeing if they work properly. If they do then I may give them away as Christmas presents, because I do not have much in the way of money.

I need a job.


I promised myself I was going to be positive. And so I am. I did something I set out to do. And that's where I think I'll end this for now. Until I can put something else down that is just as positive.
  • yay!

    you resurrected two pens! that's something to be very prowde of, indeed. i wuv fountain pens, and so does twiggy. i gave him one for his last birthday.

    <hugs you> because i can.
  • Little things...

    Little things are important, too. And since marrying into my husband's family, I've begun to really enjoy recycled gifts. My folks were never much for it, but in my husband's family, it's a big thing. They love recycling gifts. I'm learning to, too.

    And one of my fav painters, Seurat, made beautiful pictures with little dots; little things are big things, in their own way.

    *hugs you* Things are good in the world still, my friend. We just have to look harder for them sometimes. That makes them more precious.
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