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a passionate repentance



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may God stand
On the advice of a perfumer (aromatic artist? Hey, that's what she calls herself) I amended the blend slightly.

Amped up the rose-rosa damascena in jojoba 10%
Added a couple of drops of mandarin red.

She also recommended rosewood (bois de rose) and I thought for sure I had some, but I can't seem to find it.Someone else recommended ho-wood, so I've added a single drop of that on the philosophy that you can always add more, you can't take it out again.

I added a couple of drops of attar of tea-rose too, so we shall see. Now I need to let it sit a bit and see what happens.

I hope it turns out well. Sandalwood's damned expensive and so is rose. If it turns out well, it'll be a nice present.
  • *deep sniff*

    That sounds beautiful! Could you post the whole 'recipe' as you did it and how you did it again?
  • Recipe so far
    20 drops Mysore sandalwood.
    12 drops rose attar (rosa damascena)
    4 drops jasmine absolute (Jasminum officinale
    10 drops tea rose attar (probably a blend of r.centifolia and r.damascena in sandalwood.
    4 drops mandarin red
    2 drops Musk Gazelle (synthetic musk-the real stuff is illegal to own in America,with patchouli and vetiver)
    1 drop Ho Wood
    3 drops tuberose absolute

    It's an ongoing experiment. I hope that the tuberose can warm and sweeten the blend, since it's still coming off as a bit 'cold' and 'astringent.' Hope you have fun with it.
  • Sounds....

    very interesting. How long have you been doing this?
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