Koinonia (koinonia) wrote,

Rescue my blend!

I have this blend for perfume.
Sandalwood (Mysore)
rosa damascena
jasminum officinale
one drop of Musk Gazelle from Talisman (musk/patchouli/vetiver--the only synthetic in the mix because I really don't want to use real musk.)

But it *needs* something. It needs to smell more 'rose-ish' for one. And I don't want to just add something and ruin it. If anyone has any suggestions please send 'em my way.

I'm shocked. I bought an old Esterbrook, cleaned it up and changed the sac on it. I paid eleven dollars for it, about six for the sac, and the rest was all labor. So I saw one being offered at auction that was functional for sixty dollars. Excuse me? I never thought the pen was worth that much. I'd like to sell mine, but I'm fairly sure I'd never get that much for it. It does write nicely, though.

Oh, well.
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