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a passionate repentance

Is backdating cheating?

Is backdating cheating?

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may God stand
I'm backdating this. In part because what I want to talk about happened yesterday.

Sam--take notes, okay?

First: There is no such thing as a safe place to vent. It doesn't matter where it is that you choose to air your feelings, it will get back to the person involved. That's hard and unfair, I know, but I'm speaking from personal experience here. Maybe you won't make the same mistakes.

Second: Your mother will remember every wrong thing you've ever done. It's just how things are. And eventually she'll tell you them again.

Third: Being sorry apparently does not mean anything. It's expected that you say it and mean it. It's also expected now that the other person will tell you to go to hell and die. I don't understand this one either.

I don't know when you are forgiven for things. I don't know how to forgive myself. So I can't tell you how to do it. But I can tell you that I love you so much that it makes me want to cry sometimes. And sometimes I wish that I could save you from making any of these mistakes, even though I know you probably will. It's the way things are too. It's how we learn, I guess. I hope that your lessons are gentle, your consequences light, and that you never feel the need to repeat them.
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