Koinonia (koinonia) wrote,


When I was a little kid, I believed in impossible things.

Like the rock in our backyard being full of treasure.

I don't know why I believed it, now..it was a slab of pinkish granite from somewhere, and we loved to play on it as much as play with it. But I believed that if I could just manage to hammer it open I'd find some amazing, incredible treasure.

I believed that the wind knew my name. I heard it, calling me, sometimes.

I believed that ladybugs had secret places to go to, and if they stopped at all, it was to let you know where they were going so you wouldn't worry.

I thought that snakes were rivers contained inside skins.

I believed that if I just *tried* hard enough, and worked hard enough, and did all the things I was supposed to, that I'd walk like my sisters.

I believed that somewhere in the world there is a spot that is perfect, just right for each person. That if you can imagine it, it was real. And I used to dream of a pool hidden inside a cave. Or a lake bounded by tall grasses that grew right down into the water. Where boats, made of all these reeds bundled together, could take you wherever you needed to go. There was always mist on the lake. And mountains all around it.

I believed in best friends forever. That if you fell in love, that you'd always *be* in love, even if you couldn't be together.

I believed in eating all the good parts of your lunch first. Green pepper rings, all cold and crisp and tasing like mermaid food. The inner orange parts of carrots (You had to eat the outside first to get there first.) Cherry tomatoes. Really ripe pears, so that the juice runs down your chin.

I believed that you could be *anyone*. That as you got older and older you got more and more beautiful. That if you opened your mouth and tasted the rain you'd taste the dust that came from stars and planets and comets and things.

I believed that Robin Hood was real, and so was King Arthur and so were the Musketeers. I wanted to sail with Thor Heimdall, and study with Jane Goodall, and talk with Isaac Asimov.

I believed that you didn't have to be good at math (I wasn't and I'm still not) to love science.

I believed that when you died, you became an angel. Only I really never liked the whole thing about playing harps and wearing your nightgown all day. I always thought that in MY heaven you could eat ice cream all you wanted. You could run for miles and never get tired. You could come back and *help* people. Walk with them, and comfort them when they were tired. Give them hope.

I believed that baseball was invented by a grownup who did not believe in bathroom breaks.

*I still do.*
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