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a passionate repentance

Precious Things

Precious Things

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may God stand
I'm worried about so many things.

There's so much that's going pear-shaped.

War and people dying. I still can't find a goddamn job.

But I'm happy.

Maybe that's because right now I have the medication I need. But I don't have enough to last until the next doctor's visit. And each time I try to mentally ration out the pills, it doesn't work.

So logically being happy is kind of nonsensical.

So..maybe I just won't concentrate on that. Right now we're going to have Italian food. So..that's good. And my house (and I) smell(s) like tuberose. There's a good song on the radio. The sun is out. My bird's doing fine. My parents are fine. My sister is going to Italy. And I have some of the nicest friends in TEUNC in the world.

So..I guess things are pretty okay after all.
  • Pear-shaped?
  • Sometimes...

    In spite of the woes around you, and perhaps even the woes *in* you, your heart can find reasons to sing.

    It's strange when it happens, and sometimes frightening, but it happens. I treat it like a miracle, and sing.
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