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a passionate repentance



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may God stand
From my mother, via IM: Ahh..the wonders of the Internet:
"A guy came into Eckerd's, his face and hands swelling.
She took one look and ran to get..I can't think..anyway, gave him two shots, trying to force it down his throat (having called 911). FINALLY, the rescue squad came (said it seemed like hours, all the time he was on the floor, swelling. He came back four hours later with a card and effusive thanks. Said rescue told him he had five minutes before checking out. Mel said next time he won't have five minutes."

Said I: Wow, she saved his life.

Mominator: " He'd gotten a sandwich which, unknown to him, the bread had been made with sesame seeds. He'd gone across the street to the CVS and they told him to go to the hospital...so, he came across the street.
Yep, she sure did save his life. And the store manager was in and saw the whole thing...."

My sister saved someone's life. How cool is that?

Meanwhile, I have not saved anyone's life at all. But I have discovered that vanilla soymilk and oatmeal cooked together does taste like an oatmeal cookie. Sans raisins. I don't have any to put any in.

It's non-fat soymilk, but I put some margarine in the oatmeal which defeats any non-fat purpose there was. It does taste pretty good though.
  • Cool!

    Wow--I've never saved anyone's life, except metaphorically.

    Vanilla soymilk, you say? With oatmeal? Hrm. I will have to try that, when I get tired of grits and plain old oatmeal. Thanks!
  • I've had vanilla almond milk recommended to me, but I can't find it locally so far. The search will continue.

  • Wow! Well done for your sister!!!
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