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a passionate repentance



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may God stand
I don't know what to think.

Now there are indications that the top General in Iraq knew about the abuses. May even have attended during a session of questioning. We are willing to hold other countries accountable but we are not willing to follow the Geneva convention.

Is this new? Or am I just becoming aware of it?

How far does it go?

Thousands of people are dying in Native American prisons.

Gas costs more. Ice costs more. Milk costs more.

I hardly recognize my own country.
  • I have never felt so sad, and so ashamed to be an American. And I was a kid, in England, during the Watergate trials. I was ashamed then too, but nowhere near as sad as I am now. Sad and disgusted.
  • Unfortunately this is not new. We're only being made aware of it, finally.

    I was reading a Newsweek article about the abuses at Abu Graibh and come to learn that the DoJ and White House Counsel Alberto Gonzalez were working in concert to justify the torture of Taliban and Al Qaeda members by creating position papers that explained why they were enemy combatants and not prisoners of war.

    The JAGs, when they found out they FOUGHT against the new directives for
  • My apologies... accidently ran the cursor over the 'post comment' button and I can't figure out how to edit it.

    Anyway, the JAGs fought these torture initiatives and lost. Our own military lawyers saw these things as a bad idea and violating our own position on the treaties that we had signed and enforced for decades.

    Rummy keeps denying culpability but he won't be able to forever. I still have this foolish hope that this administration will be called to account for the attrocities they have committed both at home and abroad.
  • It all makes me ill. It really does. I feel so lost. Is this what we saw our dads go fight for? I mean, I am the corniest. I cry when I hear patriotic songs, I put my hand over my heart for the pledge, the whole thing. And now I feel like I don't live in the same country I did as a kid.

    On a personal note-good luck sweet thing. I am sorry that I was so dead the other day. Have a good trip, and I will miss seeing you. I tried to prise Himself out of his rut but it turns out that he's got to go and take care of his Dad. I will miss you very much. Good luck.
  • I don't think there's anything to be ashamed of. People all over the world just tend to be like that - it's the old 'Experiment' all over again. You could be ashamed of voting for Bush, for example, if you did, but even then you wouldn't have all the info as to what expect from him. What people should be ashamed of, is when they vote for Bush now, after all this.
    • And unfortunately, somewhere around half of Americans probably are going to vote for him...
  • Incidentally, there's a neat interview with prof. Zimbardo, of the Stanford Prison Experiment in a local newspaper, about Abu Ghraib. Not surprisingly, he wasn't surprised.
    • He's the guy who got college students to pretend to be prison guards as well as prisoners and then witnessed the guards abuse the prisoners, right? Saw an interview with him on TV a week or so ago.
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