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a passionate repentance



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may God stand
Stuff *smells* soooo good.






Grass being cut.




I get all stressed out and worried and scared and I forget this stuff. No, I don't think I should be "Hakuna Matata" but..getting upset and my stomach hurting so much that I probably just *phoned in* talking to Laurie.

And Suze.

And Margit.

You get the picture. If this entry seems kind of content-light it's because I'm concentrating right now on just smelling the drop of gardenia absolute I have on my hand.
If I could, I'd send a drop to everyone I know.

You know..even mustard smells kind of good. And garlic, when I'm hungry. And my bird smells slightly warm and dusty and like Froot Loops, because that's what the pellets he eats smell like.

Maybe I'll go listen to something. Like..Wendy Carlos.

PS: You who sent me the thing and you know who you are..you absolutely RULE. Thank you thank you thank you thank you.

Swiped from Pallas Banane, who swiped it from Figgy:

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  • *happysniff*

    too true.
    i had my biggest scent-experience lately when i walked into this norwegian grocery shop and first smelled the strawberries and later the freshly baked bread. mmm! i just don't get those things in my local place in england. i had an epiphany about the norwegian quality of, to tell the truth.
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